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I was dreading over my decision of saying yes to dinner when my colleague Andrew asked me out. I am an introvert with no idea of what outside world holds for me. I like my job and this was the most happening thing in my life and I thought that there was no more room for any other excitement in my life. But when three months back Andrew joined our firm I noticed he taking a lot of interest in my work or may be me. Just today he asked me for a formal date, just the two of us. I was not sure how to take this invite as my stubborn nature never let any men come near me let alone ask me out on a date. I would call this an achievement for Andrew.

No I was panicking over what to dress for this dinner date as my wardrobe carried less for such historical moments while everything formal was stuffed in it from top to bottom. My sister was the biggest help I could think of right now and she did prove one when she told me about Wallis discount codesVisit this page to find out more exciting and amazing coupons.

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